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  • Effect of temperature on peeling force of hot - melt pressur
  • Editor:Hangzhou Dawei adhesive Co., Ltd.Date:2017-02-16 11:02 Click:
The Tg or Tan δ value of the hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive is a key factor in determining the peel force. The Tg of a general-purpose hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive is usually in the range of -10 to 10 ° C. In this temperature range, the peel force decreases with decreasing Tg. This is because when the Tg of the formulation is reduced, the loss tangent (Tanδ) at room temperature is also reduced (resulting in translation of the entire Tanδ curve to the low temperature region).

On the other hand, the G 'of the adhesive reflects the instantaneous deformation of the adhesive under light pressing and the tensile strength of the adhesive when it is separated from the surface of the object. When the temperature of a typical hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive is scanned with a rheometer, the following several rheological zones can be observed.
1. Glassy area
   Starting from the lowest temperature zone, the loss tangent curve starts very low and then gradually increases to the highest value. We refer to this peak temperature as Tg. G 'in this area are basically higher and higher, with the temperature rise and not much change. The adhesive exhibits a brittle character in the glassy zone.
   2. Glass transition zone
   The loss tangent (Tanδ) is quite high, indicating that the adhesive tends to have a larger cold flow in this area. G 'in this area from the glassy state of the sudden drop to the rubbery state. Adhesives have better toughness in the glass transition zone.
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