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  • Packaging and bookbinding hot sol
  • Editor:Hangzhou Dawei adhesive Co., Ltd.Date:2015-01-13 15:50 Click:
Before, food, beverages, instant noodles, cigarettes, beer, medicine and other packaging sealing, mostly through the use of hot melt sealing machine to complete. Bookbinding industry repealed the old line, Binding, use hot melt adhesive system technology, not only to improve the binding quality, more importantly, greatly accelerate the binding rate, the use of hot melt Technical indicators are as follows:
Appearance white granular pale yellow flakes
Melting point (℃) 70-84 65-78
Viscosity 2500-3500 5500-6500
Hardness 78-8265-75
Curing speed 3-50-20
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