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  • Fabric with hot melt
  • Editor:Hangzhou Dawei adhesive Co., Ltd.Date:2015-01-13 15:50 Click:
Mainly used as shape, shoes, hats production. Use the glue of clothing not only crisp, plump appearance of quality, there is a natural smooth after washing, ironing can be worn without features. Use the rubber shoes, hats lightweight, breathable, shape retention is good, especially for the shoe industry, also has a comfortable, reducing the advantage of smelly shoes. The use of hot melt technical indicators are as follows:
Appearance: white or light yellow granular or powder.
Melting point: 105-115 ℃:
Melt index: 18-22g10min (160 ℃);
Bulk density: 0.48-0.52g / cm3;
Repose angle: 30-35 degrees;
Adhesion strength: ≥1.5-2.0kg / 25mm;
Washability: ≥5 times.
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