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Company introduction
    Hangzhou Dawei adhesives Co., Ltd., located in the scenic city of Jiande dry Tanzhen Qiandao Lake in Anren Industrial Park, along the 320 National Road, from the hang a new high-speed (G25) exit Anren left 500 meters, traffic is very convenient. Companies specializing in the production of various types of hot melt adhesive rod (grain), hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive. The materials used are in the famous enterprises at home and abroad, and combined with the advanced production formula, production technology, production of EVA hot melt adhesive quality bar (grain) and label paper, label, double-sided adhesive, medical, shoe, auto accessories, sealing, hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive sealing box class, non-toxic products, tasteless, no pollution, and through the European ROHS and American ASTM--D4236 certification, is the ideal environmentally friendly non-toxic adhesive material, can be widely used in medical, printing, automobile, Eisai, field construction, toys, craft products, electronic products, metal products, wood products, plastics, fabrics, ceramics, carton packaging, books and adhesion, mechanical etc..
    Since its inception the company through collective employees to work together with the rapid development of business scale of the company is now owned land use area of 36000 square meters, plant construction area of 11000 square. The company to superb technology, sophisticated equipment, strict management and strict quality control, service in the vast number of customers, contract and keeping promises is the company's operating philosophy, and for several years by the Hangzhou City Administration of industry and commerce as a "heavy contract, keep promise" unit.
"To the quality strives for the survival, to the credibility of development" company motto: integrity, efficiency, innovation, transcendence as the goal advance.
We will be sincere in exchange for your trust and cooperation, seek greater development, and create a better future.
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